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A vehicle's battery stores electrical energy and supplies it to the vehicle's electrical system to start the engine and power various electrical components. The battery is an important component of a vehicle's electrical system, and its condition can affect the performance and reliability of the vehicle.

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Some common types of batteries used in vehicles include lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries. It is important to choose a battery that is compatible with the specific make and model of a vehicle and to replace the battery when it is no longer able to hold a charge or perform properly.

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Symptoms of a Dying Battery

There are several signs that indicate a battery may be dying and in need of replacement:

Slow engine crank: The engine takes longer than normal to start or struggles to turn over.

Weak or dead battery: The battery may not hold a charge, or the vehicle may not start even after being charged.

Backfiring: The vehicle may backfire or stall when the accelerator is applied.

Dimming lights: The headlights, interior lights, and other electrical components may become dim or flicker.

Swelling battery: The battery may become physically larger, which can indicate a problem with the internal structure.

Check engine light: The check engine light may come on, indicating a problem with the battery or charging system.

It is recommended to have the battery checked by a professional, if any of these symptoms are present

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